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Our Idea

What is ReTract?

Our idea is to in a clean and simple way expose your products in the store without visible wires to be tangled in one another. Our solutions fit a wide range of products, please look at our presentation.


Keep your bottles in place on the shelf and replace the empty sample bottles with ease. The custom sticky pads are designed attach to the glass and other surfaces as effectively as possible.



Expensive bags can be difficult to display in the store, usually you do not know that someone has taken the bag until the thief ran past the entrance. With our solutions, your customers can try out the bag just as before but if someone cuts the retracting wire it will trigger the alarm.


Electric toothbrushes

Display your electric toothbrushes in a clean and simple way, whether you display them on a table, shelf, or with a charging station.



ReTract fits all tools regardless of size or weight. It is a simple way to keep your displayed tools in the store. The built-in alarm in Retract triggers when the wire is cut.

Make it easy for your customers to choose the right tools.



It has become more and more common with wireless headphones and this forces stores to secure them when displayed. ReTract makes it easy for the customer to take their time to try out their new headphones without the help of a staff member.

ReTract suits all types of headphones and you can swap the headphones in no time if necessary.



Candy scoops and bread pliers can sometimes end up in the wrong places or in the worst case end up in a place where they attract bacteria and could make your customers sick.

With ReTract you can keep them in place and the customer always has a scoop or plier close.



Whether it's at a fair or in the store, you should be able to show your binoculars without worrying about theft. Our solution is simple to assemble and carry.

The alarm triggers when someone or something cuts the retracting wire.



It does not take much effort for a thief to put a Bluetooth speakers in the pocket. ReTract allows your customers to listen to the impressive sound your speakers have without the concern for theft.



Crystal is one thing that many believe is not stolen. If you are selling art glass that simply can not disappear from the store, we have a good solution.

ReTract for glass is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.



ReTract offers a range of solutions for smartphones and other mobile devices that require charging. Our smart solutions are adaptable to your decor and of course easy to use.


From chaos to order in a second

The technology


The basis to retract is very simple and has been around for a long time but it is this simplicity that makes our solutions so ingenious.

In the same way as your garden hose go back when you are done with it or cord to the vacuum cleaner retracts when the cleaning is complete, so does the wire in ReTract.

This is however where the similarity ends, our solutions are specially design to be discreet while being good at preventing your products from being stolen.

The solutions with an alarm are triggered when removing the sensor or cutting the wire. The alarm can also be triggered when the entire unit is removed.

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